Services Offered

●  Manufacturing of Material handling equipment’s

●  Equipment Fabrication

●  Machining Components

●  Manufacturers and Suppliers of Wear resist, heat resist and corrosion resistance castings

●  Turnkey Factory Pre-Engineering buildings

●  Firefighting (Fire hydrant, sprinkler system, FAS, FDS, smoke Detector)

●  Compressed Air Piping System

●  Gas Piping System

●  Fuel system

●  Water Piping System

●  High Pressure Temperature Piping System

●  Storage Tanks (Pressurized & Static)

●  Air ventilation systems

●  Govt Body Approvals and licensing

●  Utility Piping works (Carbon steel & Stainless Steel)

●  Equipment Erection

●  Civil Works, Interiors, Road Works and Landscaping